The Clarity Process

Course Dates: Open-ended
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Who can Enroll: Anyone
Course Language: English

About the Course

Who is this e-course for?

 This e-course is for the individual reflecting on questions and looking to go deeper:

  • How do I strengthen my identity and sense of presence?
  • Where do I want more rest?
  • How is my belief system influencing forward movement?
  • Where do I engage my faith?
  • How do I increase my clarity?

These are questions that move us away from disorientation and confusion and into new conversations that supports a life of increased peace and clarity. 

What is the focus of this e-course?

This course teaches how to self-reflect and explore areas of:

  • Rest – how it significantly influences our clarity,
  • Beliefs – how to identify the False Beliefs and True Beliefs to support us in moving forward,
  • Faith – how to engage our faith to anticipate new possibilities,
  • Action – how to develop peaceful action steps based on new clarity.

What will I walk away with? 

Transformational Coaching Tools are taught in this 6-week course that supports and sustains your journey in growing your clarity:

  • Learn: new tools to engage your true beliefs
  • Discover: the clarity you need to move forward
  • Explore: what holds you back
  • Connect: with your inner voice
  • Engage: a peaceful intentionality regarding your restorative rest
  • Reflect: on questions that inspire new clarity and new possibilities 

We look forward to providing the space to reflect and find the clarity you need. 

Take the time . . .

Time for YOU.

Time to honor your journey & increase your clarity. 

Time to learn & practice new transformational life tools.    

Course Structure


Heather Penny

Heather is a celebrated Coach, Educator, Facilitator, and Speaker. She encourages individuals, from executives to educators to moms and dads, to not just live – but create lives that are dynamic and contributing. Working with teams, from corporate to non-profit, Heather draws out fresh ideas and actionable forward momentum. She [...]

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Meredith Carty

Meredith is an award-winning graphic designer and lifestyle photographer. She specializes in building lifestyle brands for female entreprenuers to help them succeed. Her style is California grown, fresh, real and bright. What lights Meredith up, are brands that are quirky, authentic, and relational with strong stories behind them. She believes [...]

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Michaela Rodgers

Michaela is a professional mom of two and married to her best friend. She has a passion for all things fabulous and believes in creating beauty in every situation. Over a decade ago, this guided her into taking action and starting her own successful event planning business. She is a [...]

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Sharon Cox

Growing up in South Africa taught Sharon to recognize beauty in diversity and see the unique gifts each person has to offer. She values the importance of sharing stories and taking time to listen well. At the core of Sharon lies a deep sense of freedom with a desire to [...]

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